Welcome to my new blog!

After long fights with Docker, Ghost and their various bugs, I finally managed to get this running :)

For those who don't know me, I'll introduce myself:

My name is James Kerber, I'm a Game Developer/Designer, Mobile/Web Developer, DevOps Specialist and Networking Engineer.
What drives me is building pretty, yet intricately elaborate things that people can appreciate either for their aesthetics or practicality.

On this blog I'll be describing all the (usually otherwise pointless) works and experiments I work on in my free time! (as well as anything not NDA-bound)
I mostly tend to play with shaders, implementing simple game mechanics, as well as fiddling with cloud intranet structures, including DevOps.


What's coming next?

Splatoon shader analysis

As mentioned here:

By combining the power of GLSL/Cg (whatever Unity is actually using) and ShaderGraph, I will make an attempt at studying Nintendo's implementation of shaders in Splatoon 2 specifically.

Splatoon 2 was chosen over its WiiU predecessor due to its mild graphical superiority, as well as for the simple fact that the Switch version is the only one I happen to own :P

Random shader experiments!

Sometimes I just like to fiddle with ShaderGraph and shaders in general. I will be uploading some posts about some of my previous works soon.

Building an arcade puzzle game

As some of you might be aware, I'm currently studying Game Design & Project Management at the Uppsala University.

In our upcoming course, we're going to build an original arcade machine, as well as design and develop a specific game for it! I'll be logging the progress of this project on this blog (hopefully daily, or weekly at the very least).

With this said...

I hope you're going to enjoy my content! You're welcome to reach out to me on Twitter, as well as check out some of my projects/works on GitHub.

See you in the next post!